martes, 15 de septiembre de 2009

First day: CHAOS!!

Before the course started, I had all under control: "the course is about what I already know...we learn making conections, i know that, we work and learn as a community the same way our brain does, yes, sure, i know..." and all the things I could think to myself to make me feel confortable and save in a traditional save place, like for example: a university classroom -I can raise my hand there and ask, and be clever, or be silent, and listen to no more than 10 students that most of the times will make fake questions (they know the answer) I can just be in the classroon...nobody will bother me-.

Yesterday I listen to the first conference: the counter for people getting in elluminate started growing and growing, I didn´t know were to look, chat, links, siemens & downes´voices. I googled CCK09 during the night, and read.

Today, google alerts of CCK09, blogs, searchs, videos, introduction on moodle, tweets...fortunatly I loosed control: I´m confused. I´m in chaos.

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