viernes, 18 de septiembre de 2009

Netbio of learning process

Some notes during & after listening Richard Schwier interview to George on Connectivism:
-history of the theory: how I´ve learned? Node. Source. Conections.
-nature of knowledge is conection, then it´s a process...and learning is navigating that network.
-difference between connectivism and other theories: recognition of network
-complicated: education/puzzle // complex: education/weather
-how teachers can use it? Openess + make students understand that active learning is the formation of a conection + don´t give students a pre-created world...give them access to sources in a network, so they can be feed not just in class but after class, and keep current + help them recognize good sources, key sources, good nodes
-"participatory pedagogy" not created in advance but co-created with learners
-a theory about us

This interview inspired me to create the "NETBIO OF MY LEARNING PROCESS". I´m doing it.

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