jueves, 22 de octubre de 2009

I want to write about this...can I?

"Learning is about embracing vulnerability" says Siemens on October 23s´ session

Empowerment. Freedom. It´s interesting that this words are starting to arise. I think we were experiencing them but we were not talking about them. In yesterday session the wheel started to move on that direction: "daring to learn", "making our own decisions as learners" and "embracing vulnerability". After the Elluminate session where finally participants of the course took the mic, a co-learner posted:
-Risk taking & vulnerability in open courses – get over it?
-And Sui Fai commented on Tracy´s post ..."
We all support each other especially when we are vulnerable. That sets the spirit of empowerment"... (update: Today Leila´s post is a great example of this)
Then: Siemens thanking us for participating on that session (daring to!) shows that eventhough we are taking a course on the transformation in learning process is not easy for us to be transformed.

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