martes, 20 de octubre de 2009

In Search of Lost Time - almost 2 weeks outside of CCK09

Reading Nicola´s post about her experience of the course just with her mobile inspired me to write about the experience of the course just without the time for it.

Special circumstances from work made me stay away from my computer, from my emails, and of course, from CCK09. I can´t remember ever been disconnected for so long before, not even checking my emails! I think that never happened before. Even when I gave birth to my child, after two or three days I checked my mails for sure.

To be disconnected was not so terrible ( I was stressed out with all the things that were going on at work) but what worried me was staying out of the course, how would I be able to get back in?

I asked for help. Emapey wrote me an email with a resume of what happened on those days I was away and that is helping me to stay on track. Using emapey´s selection over subjects gives me a general idea and makes me feel confident on going on the way I can.

And this is the lesson: I´m late, but I can join again if I want to. I have many things to read, but if I hurry up I can be able to be ready to follow discussion at the forum soon. The bottom line is: at the end of the course, even people wont be discussing on the forum after the course is finished, the discussion will still be there, the course will still be online, I will still be able to "make my own course" (as Emapey says, my personal and wonderfull guide for CCK09). The readings, links, recordings, blogs, tags will still be there for me. CCK09 is a tailormade course, and I´m my own tailor.

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  1. Luz, thank you very much!! Congratulations you wrote a nice post. I like helping others, although in CCK09 as I told you before, you must create your own course, following the topics an threads you are interested. I know you always wanted to continue your own learning but collaboration in the wiki is still very useful for both of us.

  2. Thank you so much, Luz. I find this post very inspiring, so I´ll tell you what I said to Nicola: your example is helping get back in track :) Thanks also to Eduardo for being so supportive with everyone. By they way, if you could send me the same summary you sent Luz it would definitely help me.


  3. This is the post I wrote about it:

  4. So good news reading you Leila!!! Like in everything, being able to connect motivates. Jackie wrote about this in the forum. Eduardo was my connection, and then the people he introduce to me. Thats also what "trust your network" stands for.


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