domingo, 18 de abril de 2010

Learn by doing, doing by learning - Co-facilitating a MOOC

I´m co-facilitating with Eduardo Peirano a very special connectivist MOOC about New Ways of Learning TIOD10. What is really special about this online course?

It was designed thinking about teachers, the everyday-classroom-teacher-with-kids, not the university-theory-researcher-professor. Is a course for the edubloggers without a blog yet (because they dont dear to write one, they dont think they have something to say or dont know to whom they might be speaking). Mostly, they don´t have a blog because they are not ICT teachers, and they don´t have the time or motive.
After working for some years trying to make teachers use ICT on class, we thought: and if we think of teachers as learners? Simple idea, isn´t it?

This course (that we call workshop so they don´t expect teachers from us and we can be facilitators) is inpired in the connectivist CCK09 because is the best example we have of an online course for learning in a chaotic and free and fun atmosphere where knowledge grows between connections and learning is creating your own network. May be, the best way of understanding why CCk09 (an cck08 too) is an inspiration is reading this post that for me is kind of "the bible for teachers online".

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  1. This sounds awesome. Helping teachers learn about new media and how to build connections through ICT use is more and more necessary to bridge the gap between teachers and students.

    I found this article on how the University of Washington uses social networks that might be helpful, it´s in Spanish but it might add some ideas:

  2. It is very much about how to work on that gap, in this week of the TIOD10 we will on that subject. Thanks for the link Leila!


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