miércoles, 14 de septiembre de 2011

Change seeks being comfortable


My first movements on #change11 MOOC were modest, not anxious at all (not like in cck09 that on first week I learned about PLE and didn´t sleep till I designed my own).

 Now I´m looking for Spanish speakers. Not because I don´t want to share in English but because I want to explore participating in Spanish too, also sharing with language peers. I´m more intelligent in Spanish. At least, faster.

 Though being slow wasn´t bad at all in other open courses in English I participated (the English version of me is a words creator, and that is very similar to an ideas creator, fun!). Many Spanish speakers joined in a Facebook group in Spanish: #change11ES Come visit if you want:

MOOCs tought me that I can be totally creative trying to be confortable. My personal way of learning is the best way.

 Thanks George Siemens, Stephen Downes, Dave Cormier and all participants for this new massive open online freedom game.

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