domingo, 4 de septiembre de 2011

Honor code for Stanford online course students

At the end of the enrollment form for the artificial intelligence course, you can read this honor code and you need to accept it to finish the process

Honor Code

All students participating in this course must agree to abide by the following code of conduct:
- I will only register for one account. 
- My answers to graded homework and exam questions will be my own work.
- I will not post or discuss any information related to graded 
homework and exam questions until after the answers have been released by the instructors.
- I will not engage in any other activities that would dishonestly improve my results or improve or hurt the results of other students.

Any violation of the above terms will result in the permanent 
deletion of your account. Cheating will not be tolerated.

Two other things I haven´t experimented yet on MOOC:

  • they desing two tracks: basic and advance (you can switch later if you want) they say the did it that way because of the big amount of enrollments they received. 
  • they will extend a statement of accomplishment signed by both Peter Norvig and Sebastian Thrun upon completion of the course

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